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April Messages 4-5-2024     

Book of Genesis – Creation of Heaven & Earth

We start with the Book of Genesis and the first Gods were called Elohim, YHWH, and Ehyeh. In this book we have the stories of the creation of heaven and earth. These stories were recorded about 1450 EBC, and we’re based on stories from Abraham, who was born around 2100 BC. Many people have believed these god stories literally. for example: Heaven and earth were created in just 7 days. Day 1 God creates light. Day 2 creates sky, Day 3 creates earth, Day 4 creates sun and moon, Day 5 creates animals – air and sea, Day 6 creates land animals and humans, and Day 7 God rests. Stories go on to say, God created Adam in his own likeness. If that is true, their God must be like most other species on the planet because Adam eats, sleeps, shits, and has sex just like many other species on the planet. The stories go on to say, God took a rib from Adam and created Eve, wow we are all related now. The storyteller also knew the perfect garden paradise was about to change, so he used a forbidden fruit tree instead of, don’t have any sex but they did have sex: and thus, they knew they were naked and had to cover themselves. Since stories say they had to cover their privates, it was probably the sex that ended their paradise especially with three children and no diapers, the paradise garden is over, so live with the consequences, sorry. Abraham started many stories of a God some 2100 years BC and the stories have been seriously twisted around since. Like, we still don’t know how these people lived for so long including Moses who reportedly lived to a premature age of 120 years. The more I looked into these stories, the more the stories appeared to be silly fairy tales. We have had so many gods since 2100 BC it is no wonder that religion and their gods has caused so much evil in the world. Some even claim they have the only one true God and that God is the only one that everyone should believe in. Keep in mind no prophet has ever seen a God; all communication came in revelations to them, how special: obviously there must have been some good drugs in 2100 EBC. Come on people, this is the only heaven and hell you’re ever gonna see: your dust won’t see much. We can all work to make this planet seem like heaven or you can make this planet seem like hell, it’s going to be your choice. currently the governments around the world are creating most of the hell with all the conflicts and wars around the globe. Governments were prepared and created to serve the people, but absolute corruption has given our governments the power to control and regulate us as they seem fit, not as we the people want it and that is true in many countries. Their ruse comes with lies, creating false evidence, deleting evidence, and the big one – blackmail. Blackmail has caused more problems and created more hell than anything on earth. such as: if you don’t do what we ask, you and your family will suffer or die; it’s that simple and it causes wars. There is one mortal commandment that says: you shall not bear false witness, but unlike murder there’s no punishment at all for this unless you can prove perjury. If you can’t prove perjury in court many people will believe the spoken lie which causes a pure hell for all victims. So, here’s something to think about in April 2024; when a government controls the media and has also weaponized their legal system, is there anything that the people can do to fix it? We are gonna find out this year, have a nice day.

Quick Message from thee Beast: People must start paying attention to the greed and corruption going on in our government agencies now. You can’t trust anyone anymore and I mean anyone. The greed and corruption are so bad; it will not be fixable anytime soon. I’m not talking about just the United States I’m talking about many governments around the world. My Message is: Actions are louder than words, believe the actions and not the words of anyone. The truth you find today, will blow your mind and scare you. If you can’t see the actions going on in world and only listen, the words you hear and believe may hurt you and yours. I must add, good past actions do not guarantee their present actions.

April Messages 4-8-24 

Book of Genesis – The Exodus

well, I just covered the Genesis Book Creation now we’re going to the Exodus. I started to cover this a little bit in prior months, but I will never understand why any God would free his chosen people and then make him suffer in the desert for 40 fucking years. Sounds so God damn stupid for a Supreme Being: I can’t understand it at all. Since Moses apparently wrote all this shit in his own language there are different interpretations of the shit he wrote. The simple fact is that the pharaoh believed a first born of the Jewish community was going to take over his empire, holy shit. So his God told him you better kill the first born of every Jew or you’ll lose your empire. Moses the hero, writes that he passed the word to put blood over your door to make the pharaoh police believe they already killed the first born in that home, that was special. Later he writes he does a miracle and that changed the water into blood, I wonder how he knew the red clay was gonna change the water red, how tricky? Then Moses writes it’s time to go pack your things I’m gonna take you to the Promised Land Abraham will be pleased. Everyone now knows that the oldest child always went to collect the grain from the towers using a lead container at the time and naturally this exposure made the oldest child die more offend from poisoning. Same was going to be true for the Pharaoh’s son so Moses had to write the stories of the Passover. Keep in mind Moses never talked to any God he was just following some of the stories of Abraham, the one who created the world and all of us, how special. In the beginning God created us in his image, so why do we have an image of a 5-year girl that gave birth to a healthy son in 1939? Anyway, when the pharaoh’s son finally died, so he sent the army out after Moses. Moses writes he created a pillar of fire thought that might stop the army then the water was holding up their escape and he says oh I’ll separate the water for you people so we can get to the Promised Land. Moses didn’t know the Promised Land was a desert. Moses had a hell of a time with this many people and with limited housing and food. The gold they had couldn’t buy housing or food, so they made a golden calf out of it and adored it. Meanwhile Moses had gone to the top of Mount Sinai and starts writing some laws, comes down with the laws and sees his people worshipping the golden calf so he decides to throw the laws into a pit and destroys them. He destroys them because he had to add the first commandment. So, if you really think God wrote the 10 commandments would anybody ever destroy them?  Hey people these are sacred scriptures for Christ sakes and Moses knew God’s laws by heart and he knew the commandments would help control the masses, how special. Moses previously decided what is right and wrong when he saw his mother working as a slave. He says this isn’t very fair when I have everything, and my mother is slaving so I can have even more. He thought, prayed, or had a revelation: I must save my mother. Let me say this about revelations I don’t care if there’s a good God out there or a bad God out there; if you can’t show yourself and start some direct communication, you all can kiss my ass and don’t expect me to believe this: blessed are those that believe and have not seen. Yes, I’ve been labeled the Antichrist but believe me there are no gods out there and your time here is the only heaven and hell you’re ever gonna see; you will end up being ashes or dust. right now, there’s too much hell on this planet and useless people deserve every bit of it just because they believe their God has a plan. Your God can’t fix anything; if he could fix anything we would be a lot better off. right now, the world is thinking about more wars, nice plan for a Supreme Being right? Your Lord God wants me to worship him, and I just don’t know why, he’s your God and I can’t see him, but I can pretend he is real if that is good for you? I pretend sometimes that I’m in a heaven and don’t see any hell, it occasionally works for me, it’s almost like a dream. Again, I say, believe in your God fantasies because I had believed in a God for over 40 years, but it was emed very depressing to know that God isn’t there to help out anymore. Sometimes I hate writing these messages because it was really tough for me and I don’t know how other people will react with no God anymore.



Words from Thee Beast 666

1. Don’t kill the Messenger, I’m doing my best to decode these antichrist messages.

2. Yes, I’m attacking the American Legal System just like a beast would, using everything I can to destroy them.

No, these legal pricks didn’t kill my dog!  

They injured my entire family and tortured loved ones!

Please take it out minute to see the names of the corrupt people that I have exposed with evidence, many are judges in the American legal system. The kicker, the United States Supreme court has protected all these crooked fuckers with a stroke of a pen, dismissed. There may be some justices that haven’t seen my evidence, but key ones have. Some State and Federal judges in America are end-running our constitution like it doesn’t matter anymore. I’m not the only one getting fucked by the American legal system, so get ready people we have a real fucking crisis in America.

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