Both the beast and I have taken an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; the Beast and I will be attacking and exposing the corruption of our domestic enemies: the United States Legal System and the Democratic Party.

The Monthly Insights – Something to Thinking About.  

July Messages 7-9-2024 

Insights for July

Take a minute and think about the following insights.

  1. U.S. sent 3.5 billion in Military Aid to Ukraine 8 months before Russia’s invasion.
  2. Hilary avoids charges for destroying classified evidence.
  3. Hunter’s laptop is a hoax by Russia before the election.
  4. Vice President Biden illegally takes classified secret documents, don’t charge him because he is too old and has a bad memory.
  5. President Trump could legally declassify secret documents, and they charged him.
  6. Biden’s shell companies, as he laughs and says: Where’s the Money?
  1. Who says: open up our southern border, all are welcome?
  2. Most illegal immigrants now get more help than our homeless veterans.
  3. Who left billions in military equipment in Afghanistan for our enemies?
  4. Who killed our oil supply so we are forced to buy oil from other countries?
  5. Who likes to keep American citizens dependent on them?
  6. Who are the deadly snakes in America?
  7. Who made Iran rich to supply terrorists around the world?
  8. Imagine Kamala Harris as President.


I feel sorry for some of you people because you have let evil trick and control your mind, right under your very noses and you never realized it, sad.

Democrats tell me, how could all the Main Street Media and the Dept. of Justice – all be liars? That’s EVIL. These people are a NEW GOD, and they know your GOD can’t do anything about it: it is up to We the People.

Religious people would say: It is Satan’s work. Get a life, fuck Satan these people only look out for only them and they love controlling you. If you start to fight and expose these evil fuckers maybe you can get control of your lives again. I’m telling you no GOD will do it or ever save you if you don’t help to restore some ethics and honor in our government and legal system.




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